The Heart of Aromatherapy

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The Heart of Aromatherapy
An Easy-to-Use Guide for Essential Oils
Author: Andrea Butje

An easy-to-use guide for the safe and effective use of essential oils and aromatherapy, including over 100 recipes and 40 essential oil profiles that bring each oil’s unique properties to life.
Aromahead Institute founder Andrea Butje brings 40 essential oils to life in this guide to safe and effective aromatherapy. From cardamom to lavender to yuzu, each oil’s aroma, uses, and safety tips are clearly defined, while the core physical and emotional supportive properties are captured in expressive personality profiles.
Over 100 recipes are included to support skin care, rest and relaxation, respiratory health, digestion, pain relief, meditation and contemplation, and even natural cleaning. Kid-friendly adjustments accompany each recipe to ensure safe usage and a healthy home environment for all ages.
Take an up-close and personal peek at essential oil distillers around the world as they describe the passion, work, and meticulous care they put into creating their homegrown products. Andrea walks you through what you need to know to select quality essential oils from trustworthy sources.By the end of this book, you will know which oils you want to turn to for different needs, whether physical or emotional, and you will be able to personalize aromatherapy blends to perfectly complement your mood and spirit. With only the most essential of resources, you can invigorate your mind, body, heart, and home.

Paperback, 288p
Published: 17/01/2017
ISBN: 9781401951610