Smoke Clearing Wand

Sage, herb and flower combinations, themes & intentions are ever changing, varieties include:

Fertility, Creation, New Beginnings
Abundance and Prosperity
Cherish The Now
Peace Harmony and Joy
You Are Beautiful

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Sacred Smoke Clearing Sage Wand

Made by: With Good Intentions –¬†Naturally grown and handmade in Australia.
Beautifully crafted from white sage, dried flowers and herbs. Burn to create smoke, for clearing negative energies from homes and spaces.
For online sales we generally stock a pure sage wand and 3 other sage, herb and flower combination wands; themes & intentions are ever changing.

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Fertility-Creation-New Beginnings, Abundance and Prosperity, Cherish The Now, Pure White Sage, Iam Enough, Inspiration and Creative Ideas, Peace and Harmony at Home, Peace Harmony and Joy, Self Worth and Self Respect, You Are Beautiful