Saviour Salve

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This powerhouse product is one of our favs and our best kept secret.
It’s a triple strength herbal infusion and has 101 uses, perfect for families, tradies, gardeners, hospitality peeps….. anyone really. Great for cuts, scrapes, dry skin, cracked heals and cuticles, bites, kids monkey bar hands and so much more. Works as a mild chest rub and smells amazing! Keep it in the first aid kit or chuck one in your bag.

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This multi use salve also works wonderfully on irritated pits, thanks to it’s soothing ingredients like chamomile, coconut, lavender and healing herbs. Try it morning and night during a pit detox as it works as a light deodorant.
Ingredients: Olive Oil* (triple infused Calendula*, Chamomile*, Plantain**, Echinacea*, Marshmallow Root**, Nettle**), Cocoa Butter*, Coconut Oil*, Bee’s Wax*, Jojoba Oil*, Natural Tocopherol, Essential Oils Of: German Blue Chamomile*, Agonis Fragrans+, Lavender*, Rosemary*.
* Organic **Wildharvest

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