Sacred Space Meditation Mist

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Activate your Crown and Third Eye chakras with this completely plant based organic sacred atmospheric mist containing organic herbs, resins, crystals and woods used in ceremony and ritual since ancient times.

  • Suspended in organic Australian Sandalwood water, Lemon and Rosemary invite clarity while Frankincense and Australian Sandalwood calm an active mind
  • Mist your body or room to assist in creating Sacred Space. Ideal for meditation, yoga or space clearing
  • Wear as a subtle, high vibrational organic natural perfume

Infused with Australian Smoky Quartz on a Full Moon.  Blessed with Reiki.

Enhanced with carefully selected Gem and Flower Essences to support you in your spiritual journey, trusting in the unfoldment of your divine path and connecting with your own inner wisdom:  doryphora sassafras, helichrysum, platysace, yucca, Californian poppy, iris, camellia, angelsword, gold, lapis, amethyst, pale blue star sapphire, rutilated smoky quartz, clear quartz

Housed in Swiss made Violet glass to protect and preserve the potency of the natural ingredients and energetic vibrations.