Gentle Deodorant Creme Lemon Myrtle and Petitgrain

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Introducing our gentle deodorant with a creamy, zesty fresh scent of Lemon Myrtle and Petitgrain, this deodorant does not contain sodium bicarbonate like the rest of the deodorant cremes so they are perfect for those who are sensitive to the high PH levels of the bicarbonate.

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Gentle Deodorant Creme Lemon Myrtle and Petitgrain

The arrowroot will helps to absorb the sweat, the diatomaceous earth and essential oils will help to keep bacteria at bay while the magnesium hydroxide will help to balance the skins ph levels. Please be aware that this deodorant will not be as effective at killing BO as the regular deodorant are, this is mild deodorant and may require you to reapply throughout the day. Only use a pea sized amount and rub in quite well, let it sink into your skin for a few mins before dressing, re apply as needed or after heavy sweating.
As with all our deodorant we use fair trade organic unrefined Shea Butter and Coconut Oil.

Ingredients: Shea Butter**, Coconut Oil**, Arrowroot*+, Magnesium, Hydroxide, Diatomaceous Earth+, Jojoba Oil*, Vanilla Extract, Natural Vitamin E, Lemon Myrtle*, Petitgrain* & Frankincense*

* Organic
** Unrefined Fair Trade
+ Food Grade

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