Crystal Magic

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Crystal Magic
Mineral Wisdom for Pagans and Wiccans
Author: Sandra Kynes

Strengthen your connection with the natural world and learn how to incorporate the power of crystals into your magical practice with this comprehensive book. Crystal Magic features everything you need to effectively work with crystals, from the history, science, and magical workings of the mineral kingdom to an encyclopedic list of more than one hundred varieties of stones, each shown in colour.
Explore numerous ways to grow your knowledge and skills, including details on buying and preparing stones, how to spot fakes, and even a new and powerful form of crystal grid. With photographs for every stone and convenient guides to correspondences, associated deities, and more, this full-colour book will serve as a timeless, indispensable reference.

Paperback, 240p
Published: 1/10/2017
ISBN: 9780738753416

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